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Australian Cobberdog

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Australian Cobberdog Sizes

  • Miniature Cobberdog:

    • Height: 13-17 inches to top of shoulder

    • Weight: 15-30 pounds

  • Medium Cobberdog:

    • Height: 17-20 inches to top of shoulder

    • Weight: 30-48 pounds

  • Standard Cobberdog:

    • Height: 21-24 inches to top of shoulder

    • Weight: 44-77 pounds

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Australian Cobberdog Colors

Australian Cobberdogs can vary in many different colors: 

  • Raven Black 

  • Red 

  • Chocolate 

  • Cream 

  • Blonde

  • White

  • Apricot

  • Parti-Color

  • Caramel 

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Australian Cobberdogs Coat Types

Australian Cobberdogs have three different coat types: 

  • Straight Fleece Coat: this coat classed as straight falls in gentle waves, it will be light in density, and holds no odor, has little to no shedding and dirt falls out as it dries.

  • Wavy Fleece Coat: like the straight fleece coat the wavy coat also falls into waves and has the same similarities as the straight fleece coat.

  • Curly Fleece Coat: as you may have guessed by the name the curly coat is a lot curlier than straight or wavy coat. The curly coat can be a little harder to care for in a long length so is normally kept shorter.

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